Triggering Growth in a COVID World

Anyone who believes COVID behaviors are temporary is going to be in for a very big surprise.

Massive changes are taking place due to the pandemic and every leader is trying to determine how their business will be affected. The problem is that no one can see into the future. But you can do the next best thing, peer into customers’ subconscious and see how their instincts are changing.

Last year in Knowledge@Wharton, I shared my discovery about what drives our instinctive choices—intricate networks of brand associations accumulated over time. These associations are years in the making—some going as far back as childhood. We call these networks the “Brand Connectome®,” named after the human connectome, which is a map of the brain’s neural networks. 

Now, Triggers® Growth Strategy reveals the COVID Connectome®—the network of associations driving people’s instinctive behaviors as they relate to this virus. If we think of the Connectome as a tree made up of a network of branches, the COVID Connectome® trunk separates into two major clusters: “Preservation” v. “Perseverance.” These two networks are struggling against one another for dominance in the brain.

If you want to drive growth now and beyond these tragic times, you need to know how to leverage these competing instincts and connect them to your brand– before your competition beats you to it.