About Leslie

Known in the industry as THE BRAIN BEHIND BRANDS, Leslie Zane has turned the marketing industry on its head. She is changing the way companies do marketing through her unique expertise in changing instinctive brand behavior—the brand decisions that consumers make on auto-pilot.

Zane is the secret weapon behind some of the world’s most famous brand successes from McDonald’s and Aquafina to Snickers, to name a few. Her company, TRIGGERS® Brand Consulting, has turned around Fortune 500 companies where no other brand or consulting firm was successful. Their secret? Instead of marketing to customers’ conscious minds (an uphill battle), their Growth Triggers® process leverages cognitive shortcuts in the subconscious. Results are often 2X plus revenue growth. The company has generated $10bb in incremental revenue growth for its clients.

    A Yale University and Harvard Business School graduate, Zane began her early career at top companies including Bain, P&G, and Johnson & Johnson where she was surprised by the hit-or-miss performance of marketing initiatives. 

Zane’s perspectives defied traditional thinking. She maintained that what consumers say is unreliable, that indirect cues were more effective than direct persuasion, and that successful brands have multiple associations, not one defining identity trait. But, like many unconventional thinkers, her ideas were often dismissed. TRIGGERS® Brand Consulting had a 25-year head start practicing what behavioral science theorists are just trying to figure out now. Zane is a TEDx speaker and has been published in the Harvard Business Review, [email protected], MIT Sloan Review, Forbes, Ad Age, CMO.com, Barron’s, Newsweek, Mediapost, Scientific American and more. TRIGGERS® Brand Consulting was also the first brand consultancy founded by a woman that still exists today.

A native New Yorker, Zane sits on two non-profit Boards: El Centro Hispano, dedicated to helping improve the lives of Hispanic immigrants, and CURATE 360 where she helps minority-owned companies improve their branding, become “retail ready” and scale their businesses.

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