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Using behavioral science in marketing enables you to
grow your business faster.
See how well you’re doing with my Behavioral Marketer Assessment

Have you ever found yourself wondering…

  • Why are some marketing campaigns more successful than others?
  • What causes buyers to choose one brand over another?
  • What does it take to capture a competitive user and get your brand to become  their “go-to”?

When you apply behavioral science to marketing, you discover that consumers are making most of their brand purchases on auto-pilot. In fact, the majority of their purchases are unconscious. But today’s marketing efforts are still following an outdated marketing playbook that targets the conscious mind.

When marketers make the switch from focusing on the conscious mind to the unconscious mind of the consumer, they unlock the key to fast, sustainable company growth. 

With the Behavioral Marketer Assessment, you can discover where you are on the path to becoming a stronger business and marketing leader – and what to do next.

Imagine knowing that every marketing dollar is being used effectively to make your business the dominant, instinctive choice for consumers.

Imagine being more efficient in your marketing efforts so that you can finally get off the marketing hamster wheel.

My Behavioral Marketer Assessment is designed to help you assess how well you are applying these advanced marketing principles to your business. But we will also give you the next steps to help you more effectively change consumers’ brand behavior and accelerate growth.


Hello, I’m Leslie Zane, president and founder of Triggers® Brand Consulting.

As the founder of the first women-led brand consultancy in the United States championing a new way of thinking of marketing, I know what it’s like to be dismissed. I believe that every brand has the potential to grow and evolve – regardless of its size or financial resources. When leaders follow our principles, they learn how to take the path of least resistance through the subconscious mind and scale their businesses faster.

After you discover your marketing mindset, you’ll get access to the same tools we’ve used to help multi-billion dollar corporations use their marketing dollars, effort, and time more strategically. When it comes to effective marketing, the amount of resources a business has is not nearly as important as how well those resources are used. By applying behavioral science to marketing, you’ll be able to use your marketing resources more effectively to achieve bigger results.

Find out where you are on the path to being a stronger business and marketing leader. Are you a classic marketer relying on the principles of the past or are you using the latest thinking to lead your business to superior results?

The Conscious-Mind Marketer

You’re working hard to understand your customer’s behavior and preferences with big data, social listening, and full-time consumer connections. You’re looking for that missing piece to see consistent results.

The Instinct Apprentice

You’re excited about the potential of behavioral science in marketing, and you’ve been able to sometimes shift your consumer’s behaviors. You’re looking to get your team onboard with your ideas.

The Instinct Disruptor

You understand the power of the unconscious mind and how it influences consumer behavior, and you’re producing better-and-better results with each campaign. You’re looking for the key to consistent brand growth.

The Master of Instinct

You’re fully integrating behavioral science principles into your brand development, but you’re looking for a unifying principle or a set of metrics to help you guide your brand’s growth in a consistently measurable way.

Is your marketing mindset holding you back?

Find out below.

Leslie Zane’s Behavioral Marketing Quiz:

Are you Marketing at the Speed of Instinct?

Leslie Sitting with connetome® on gray background

Who is Leslie Zane?

Known in the industry as The Brain Behind Brands, Leslie Zane has turned the marketing industry on its head. She is changing the way companies do marketing through her unique expertise in changing instinctive brand behavior—the brand decisions that consumers make on auto-pilot.

Zane is the secret weapon behind some of the world’s most famous brand successes from McDonalds and Aquafina to Snickers, to name a few. Her company, TRIGGERS®, has turned around Fortune 500 companies where no other brand or consulting firm was successful.

Their secret? Instead of marketing to customers’ conscious mind (an uphill battle), their Growth Triggers® process leverages cognitive shortcuts in the subconscious. Results are often 2X plus revenue growth. The company has generated $10bb in incremental revenue growth for their clients.

A Yale University and Harvard Business School graduate, Zane began her early career at top companies including Bain, P&G and Johnson & Johnson where she was surprised by the hit-or-miss performance of marketing initiatives. Zane’s perspectives defied traditional thinking. She maintained that what consumers say is unreliable, that indirect cues were more effective than direct persuasion, and that successful brands have multiple associations, not one defining identity trait. But, like many unconventional thinkers, her ideas were often dismissed.

Triggers® had a 25-year head start practicing what behavioral science theorists are just trying to figure out now. Zane is a TEDx speaker and has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Knowledge@Wharton, MIT Sloan Review, Forbes, Ad Age,, Barron’s, Newsweek, Mediapost, Scientific American and more.

A native New Yorker, Zane sits on two non-profit Boards: El Centro Hispano, dedicated to helping improve the lives of Hispanic immigrants, and CURATE 360 where she helps minority-owned companies improve their branding, become “retail ready” and scale their businesses.