How the COVID Connectome™ Reveals What Will Come Next


Leaders who think COVID behaviors are going to be temporary, risk making an enduring mistake. The COVID Connectome™ is a network of associations that is already embedded in our subconscious and will be driving people’s instinctive behaviors for years to come.

In my last post, I explained that Brand Connectomes® are like trees made up of a network of branches. The COVID Connectome™ has a large trunk that separates into two major clusters: “Preservation” v. “Perseverance.” These two networks are struggling against one another for dominance in the brain. 

What will it take for the economy and your business to recover from COVID? The  COVID Connectome™ is not only the source of customers’ changing instincts, it’s also a great indicator of future business health. It helps explain why we’re in a recession now, when people will start spending money again, even how weak or robust the recovery will be.

Turns out, that if companies over-deliver on safety and add positive associations to the Perseverance cluster, they can not only improve their own business performance, they can help fuel the economy.