Leslie Zane is a brand expert whose work goes far beyond mere branding. She teaches brands how to grow quickly and substantially through a revolutionary concept she calls The Subconscious Advantage™.

Business leaders have long been taught that to achieve a competitive advantage, your brand needs to be better, cheaper, or faster. But this assumes that brand choice is a rational, conscious decision.

Leslie at work

This premise is wrong.

Fact is, competition actually happens in the subconscious —that’s the marketplace that companies need to dominate.

When a brand dominates the consumer subconscious and thus gains “The Subconscious Advantage™”, it doesn’t need superlative claims or discount pricing. Those devices may create a small revenue bump, but the gains are fleeting. 

Why only temporary? 

When it comes to how people make decisions, financial incentives only address surface motivations. They don’t change consumers’ instinctive brand preference

The same is true of brash superiority claims. When consumers hear such promises, their skepticism kicks in, often pushing them away. They don’t hit buyers at a level that’s instinctual. 

That’s where Leslie’s approach is different. 

She shows brands how to get deep inside and influence the marketplace’s primal brain, where buying decisions actually get made. When you build associations there, your brand branches out, dominating the subconscious and overshadowing competitors.  That’s when you’ve unlocked The Subconscious Advantage™—the ability to do more with less and grow revenue quickly and consistently.




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