A visionary IN Brand Growth


Leslie Zane is an award-winning marketer, TEDx speaker and the foremost authority in harnessing the instinctive mind to accelerate brand and business growth. Like many pioneers, Zane’s ideas were dismissed early on. In 1995, she founded Triggers®, the first brand consulting firm rooted in behavioral science and, together with her team, cracked the code on accelerating brand growth.

Over the past 25 years, her company has delivered over $25bb in incremental revenue growth for Fortune 100 clients.

An alumna of Yale, Harvard Business School, Bain & Company and P&G, Zane is a recipient of the Congressional Women of Distinction and the Ogilvy Award. Her work has been published in Knowledge@Wharton, HBR, World Economic Forum, Newsweek and more.

Zane is a board member of the non-profit El Centro Hispano. 

Book Leslie


Zane's groundbreaking book challenges conventional wisdom in business and brand building.

The old rules were based on the premise that the conscious mind drives decisions. But now that we know the unconscious mind is king, it’s time for a new rulebook – one that works with the mind instead of against it.