Leslie Zane is an expert in changing people’s minds, but she doesn’t rely on outmoded persuasion techniques. Her decades of cognitive behavior research and professional practice prove that persuasion seldom works because it tries in vain to influence the unpersuadable, conscious mind.

The brainchild of “Instinct Marketing,” and author of the soon-to-be-published “The Instinct Advantage,” she’s a master of expanding the size and salience of ideas in the unconscious mind – in what she calls the Connectome – the brain’s command center for human choice.  Her science-backed, field-tested approach has made countless household brands the “instinctive choice” by expanding their physical presence in the brain.

 Leslie at work 

A pioneer of using positive associations and cues to activate instinctive decisions, Zane has emerged as a secret weapon for turning around companies and brands using her trademark approach.  In fact, TRIGGERS brand consulting, the firm she founded more than 3 decades ago, was inspired by her discovery that the persuasion model she learned at Harvard Business School, and relied upon during stints at P&G, J&J and other early employers, was simply ineffectual, delivering poor ROI.  Her Growth Triggers process leverages cognitive shortcuts in the subconscious, with results frequently two times revenue growth, and a track record generating $10bb in incremental revenue growth for clients.

Today, she is deploying her proven cognitive behavior methodology beyond growing brands.  Her goal is to show how using associations and cues to trigger decisions at the instinctive level can shape human behavior for good – with sustainability, diversity, equity & inclusion, and crime control all areas for exploration.

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