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Official Bio

As a brand manager in the 1980s, Leslie Zane saw brand-building differently from the rest of the industry and, like many unconventional thinkers, her recommendations were often dismissed. Instead of direct persuasion, Zane argued that succinct cues were more effective. Instead of judging brand content on appeal, she felt that new positive associations were a better predictor of purchase.

In 1995, seven years before Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize for his system one thinking, Zane pioneered and launched Triggers® consultancy with the only proven method for changing instinctive customer behavior and driving growth. It was also the first brand strategy firm founded by a woman.

Based on a 25-year track record as practitioners (not just theorists) of behavioral science, Zane is championing a new way to build brands so that business leaders can drive transformational growth more easily, with fewer resources.

Leslie is also applying her knowledge about instinctive behavior to understanding the roots of bias as a board member of El Centro Hispano. It’s a busy schedule: transforming brands, changing the world, and spending time with her husband, Andy, of 27 years and their two sons, Dylan and Austen, ages 21 and 25. Just don’t ask her to explain their brains – despite a lifetime of studying minds, theirs remain a mystery to her.

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Media Mentions

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Former Bain partner Michael Farmer discusses the state of the marketing industry today where CMOs are struggling to find the winning formula for building brands, and credits Leslie Zane & Triggers brand consultancy for cracking the code.

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The Internationalist

The International Division of the ANA recognizes Leslie as a Trendsetter for her breakthrough discoveries about how to accelerate brand growth. In this interview, she discusses how every brand has a host of interconnected associations– an ecosystem of cumulative memories– that dictate which brand you purchase automatically. 

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