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Leslie Zane Presents

5 Growth Triggers® from Behavioral Science to Build Your Brand at the Speed of Instinct

Learn the essential growth secrets brands need to unlock rapid, organic growth from the woman known as “The Brain Behind Brands”.

Leslie Zane and her team at Triggers® Brand Consulting have been the best-kept secret of Fortune 500 marketing teams for over 25 years. 

Now, for the first time, she’s sharing her powerful Growth Triggers® techniques with you.

These 5 secrets to applying behavioral science in your brand strategy have helped brands like Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Snickers, Gatorade and Aquafina unlock billions in organic growth.

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But wait, who is Leslie Zane and why have I never heard of her?

Known in Fortune 500 board rooms as “The Brain Behind Brands”, Leslie Zane and her team at Triggers® Brand Consulting have been the go-to resource in applying brain science to accelerate brand growth, since 1995. Fortune 500 CMOs rely on Leslie Zane to help them achieve what had previously been near impossible: increase revenue and share growth at the same level of marketing spending.

Zane has discovered what top executives want to know: the secret to changing instinctive brand behavior. While most marketing efforts create a temporary boost in sales, Zane helps companies alter the Brand Connectome®, the hidden neural network that dictates consumers’ instinctive brand preference–the brand choices they make on autopilot.®

A Yale University and Harvard Business School graduate, Zane began her career at top companies including Bain, P&G and Johnson & Johnson and was surprised by the hit-or-miss nature of marketing initiatives.  But, like many unconventional thinkers, her ideas were often dismissed.

More than 16 years before Daniel Kahneman popularized behavioral economics, Zane founded the first woman-led brand consultancy focused on the subconscious mind. Triggers® was founded on the premise that instinct rather than conscious thought guides brand decisions. Today this is accepted by most marketers, but at the time it was a revolutionary idea. Now, Zane is bringing her techniques, which helped shape some of the most successful and beloved brands, to marketers around the world.